What do parents say about our advice?

“Chad Abraham and Mark Weiker made the difference for me and my family. Entering the world of special education felt like a whirlwind. But amid the chaos, our goal was always to get the best for our child with autism.

In practice, that was more difficult than I expected (and I was expecting it to be tough!). There are forms to read and complete, people to research and select (from among so, so many choices), and it all has to get paid for, somehow. Thankfully, we were lucky enough to connect with Chad and Mark. Their understanding of the process and years of combined experience with situations like ours enabled them to identify for us the most important choices and the right ways to think about making them, always with our input. We were involved in the whole process of creating a strategy, and putting it into action. And boy, it has paid off! Our child is doing fantastic!

Having some idea of what to expect always helps. Having a great idea of how to proceed was priceless. This wasn’t just legal services. It changed our lives, and we are far better off. I could not recommend Chad, Mark, or anyone at AW, any more strongly.”

– J.C.

“Chad was upfront and professional throughout the entire process. His expertise was invaluable. He was able to make recommendations for my son’s education due to his 15 years of being a special education teacher himself. He was able to bridge the gap that was between my wife and I and the district. My son is thriving now.”

– M.L.

“I have been fighting the district for several years. I would come out of the meeting angry, arguing, and threatening them. I knew what I was doing. I was unsuccessful in getting the district to see, on paper, that my son needed accommodations with his ADHD. I contacted Chad and was instantly calm. It’s like he knew exactly what my son needed to be successful in school. I told Chad that my son was out of time, a junior, and on the verge of not graduating high school. I told Chad that I was done with the district telling me “NO” on everything. I had data and proof on what they/we were doing with him and it was not working. We scheduled another meeting and WOW. I couldn’t believe the difference in how they were acting. It was like they were handing out “yes” cards. Chad is amazing in his dedication, commitment, and his expertise on how to help. If you feel helpless in your fight, consider contacting him directly. I only wish I did sooner. Now, I feel like my son has a fighting chance with his education and post education. I highly recommend Chad. You are your child’s biggest advocate. The district only has them for a short time, you have them for a lifetime. Fight for your child’s future, your way!! The right way!”

– L.O.

“Before Chad, I always felt overwhelmed at IEP meetings and unable to process the information quickly enough to articulate what I wanted for my child and why she was entitled to it. Chad managed to get things written into her IEP that I’ve been requesting for a year with no success and he did a great job of telling us when to stand strong and when to compromise. We have made more progress in a few weeks of working with Chad than we made on our own in a year and he helped us stay on track and remember our priorities for the IEP. Chad is extremely knowledgeable about the law and the entire special education process and we are absolutely thrilled with his work!”

– S.S.

“Chad is an amazing guy who has been so helpful I would suggest if your going through something at your child’s school this is the guy to talk to.”

– K.W.

“Chad has been awesome in helping me navigate through all our mess of I.E.P meetings! He’s gone over and beyond expectations for helping me so far with my son. I would recommend him in any giving situation as he is confident and knowledgeable. Thank You for what you have done so far for my son!”

– J.L.

“I met Chad at a free meeting he held at the YMCA. My child has moved out of city schools to a school for autistic children, been homeschooled and is now back to city schools being bussed to a school out of our district to help accommodate her special needs that are many. The emotional struggles my daughter and I have gone through over the past 3 years with city schools to try to get her some proper care so she could actually learn have been enormous. When I started to explain my daughters situation to Chad you could tell he was already taking it to his heart. Her story had touched him and he just had the knowledge I didn’t in these meetings we go to. He worked great with me over the last couple of meetings where I was able to explain the behavior concern and he made certain that the right verbiage comes from him to make the necessary corrections to her IEP. He has given me a confidence in my advocating for my daughter through these meetings that has carried through to all of her care from anyone in her life (psychiatrist, therapist, etc). I can’t say that i didn’t think it was a bit expensive when I first heard the rates. It is awful that we are brought to a point where we have to pay someone to help get the services our children need. I had a hard time accepting that but after working with him and having many meetings because of her complex circumstances I couldn’t have made the changes happen without him and there’s no price tag I could put on that. He is reasonable when I think of all the stress relief alone for me, not to mention how much better her school days are now.”

– A.K.

“Chad did an amazing job as an advocate for our daughter. With all of his experience as an IS teacher he gets it. You won’t be disappointed in hiring him.”

– A.G.